Roberts Plastics Ltd.

The Oxo-degradable Advantage

Leveraging a strategic alliance with GREEN CLUB INC., we are proud to produce our degradable bags using the ADDIFLEX ADDITIVE. This additive allows our traditional products made from 100% recycled plastic to maintain their superior performance while now 100% degradable.

Contrary to PLA biodegradable products, oxo-degradable bags provide an environ-mentally safe product without affecting performance at an economically sensitive price.

Oxo-degradable bags can be customized and application specific: Stabilizers are intro- duced along with the additive to control the rate at which the degradation process begins. Using this technology we are able to program the shelf life of our products to suit the needs of its specific application. Only ADDIFLEX can guarantee this advantage.

Using this same technology we are able to offer compostable bags conforming to ASTM-6400.

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