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Degradable FAQ

Q: Will all plastics break down naturally?
A: Having only been around for a few decades, it isn't known exactly how long it would take for plastic bags to degrade naturally. Some experts have estimated it may take hundreds of years for LLDPE to degrade while others question that they'll ever breakdown. We guarantee that our degradable bags will fully degrade within 5 yrs with no compromise to the quality performance customers have come to expect from Roberts Plastics product.

Q: Can these degradable bags be used in my compost pile?
A: No. Degradable bags are designed to degrade in the existing land fill facilities, not in a compost pile. Generally, residential compost piles do not generate the necessary conditions (heat and oxygen) that the product needs to degrade. The bags have been programmed to breakdown in the established waste stream, along with the contents inside.

Q: Are there any toxic by-products of the degradation process?
A: No. Oxygen is needed to initiate the breakdown and the results are water, CO2 and an inert biomass.

Q: Isn't CO2 harmful to the environment?
A: Any process involving natural breakdown or biodegradation results in some CO2 expulsion (e.g. the break down of leaves and grass clippings). CO2 is part of natural life cycle. Trees use CO2 in photosynthesis to produce sugars and oxygen.

Q: Will degradable bags expire? Do they have a short lifespan?
A: No. Stabilizers guarantee the performance of the bags for 2 yrs from the date of manufacture. If the box remains sealed, shelf life is extended even longer.

Q: Why hasn't this technology been available?
A: Cost has been the major market barrier to the degradable revolution. This technology has been utilized in Europe for several years. We are excited to now offer degradable product at an economic price point.

Q: Paper vs. Plastic
A: Using lifecycle energy analysis, it has been determined that LLDPE plastic uses 40% less energy to produce a bag, emits 25% less atmospheric waste and less water borne pollutants during production. Using degradable plastics will achieve even greater results. For more detail follow this link.

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